How do I buy Clickpop releases??

A guide to how to buy Clickpop Stuff :

1. Go to the Clickpop Records Online Webstore

2. Here are some links to buy Clickpop artists on iTunes:
(iTunes software install required: installer here)

The Trucks - "The Trucks" s/t
The Trucks - "Never Forever"
Kristin Allen-Zito - "helium"
Rooftops  - "A Forest Of Polarity"
Black Eyes & Neckties - Apparition!
Jenni Potts - Take This And Go"
Jenni Potts - The Fourth (EP)
Prosser - "Prosser"
Delay - "Delay"
Darin Schaffer - "Darin Schaffer" s/t
Scatterbox - "Sudden Movements"
Memex Records Compilation - "Cumulous"
Hakea - "Hakea"
Bellingham Compilation - "Music from the Center of the Universe"

Are you guys accepting demo tapes?

Maybe, if you're nice.

We don’t listen to demos every day, but periodically we go through one of our numerous stacks of them. Please don’t call or email to follow up. If we want to contact you, we will. It is extremely rare that an artist gets signed on the strengths of a demo alone. The best advice we can give is to keep making music, build a fan base, tour, and get your name out there. If you do all of these things well, you will attract our attention. For better chances, please mail a hard copy of your music to:

Clickpop Records
PO Box 5765
Bellingham, WA 98227-5765

To take a chance on being lost in the digital shuffle, mail mp3's, aac's, or links here: